Carrier Circuit Support


Our Support Team is standing by to assist you


Our Support Center, based in Draper Utah, operates 24/7 and maintains a knowledge base of your customers, escalations details, required processes and applicable inventories. We understand your urgency to resolve issues quickly and professionally with all of the required information and documentation.

In the event of a service issue, concern, or question, please contact the following Splice support number(s) for immediate attention and expedient resolutions.

Carrier Circuit Trouble Reporting and Maintenance

(877) SPLICE IT (775-4234)

If you are attempting to reach, please be advised we are not affiliated with that company. You can reach them at these links: Submit a Request Link: Support Email Address:

Splice Customer Support Escalation

1st Level 

Splice Support

Tech on Duty

(877) 775-4234

2nd Level

Splice Support


(877) 775-4234

3rd Level

Tech Support


(877) 775-4234

4th Level

Eileen Warner

Director of Service Operations

(801) 296-5979



"With every customer interaction, whether it’s for an outage, trouble shooting, or just a general inquiry, our objective is to make their experience pleasant and as worry free as possible. Our value is not only demonstrated by our Support expertise, but in our Commitment to Excellence and providing a positive Customer Experience."


Eileen Warner

Splice, Director of Service Operations

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