Splice is a Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in outsourced IT and professional services.  


We offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from 24/7 Help Desk to Carrier NOC management, Project management and Professional Services and everything in between.

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Let’s work together

As a member of the Splice Partner Program, you will have the opportunity to grow your business with full access and support of the Splice sales team.

You deliver an opportunity to Splice, and we will do the rest. And, we will continue to work any additional opportunities, increasing the MRR and your commission.

Let us know if you are interested in receiving access to Splice resources and selling tools.

“Our partners are the cornerstone of our business and supporting them is our top priority.”


Andy Coan, Splice Founder and CEO

Our Unique Process


Expedite sales cycles. Leverage our sales team. Close more deals. Increase commissions.


1.  You deliver an opportunity to Splice.

2.  We deliver a professional presentation to the customer.

3.  You receive residual income.

4.  Revenue growth and service renewals are automatically credited to the partner.

5.  Your commission grows commensurate with the growth of the customer.



Splice Partner Program

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